For every game (home and away) or contest, we need a group of volunteers to help move the percussion pit equipment onto the field before our show, and off the field when the band finishes. The crew consists primarily of parent volunteers of band and color guard members. Student volunteers receive a community service credit. This is a very important job that is critical in helping our performance run smoothly. Don’t worry about feeling like you don’t know what to do – you will have clear instructions and the band students will help you place the equipment properly!



At the performance venue, volunteers will usually meet about 20 minutes before the band is scheduled to arrive. The Pit equipment will be unloaded and each volunteer will be assigned a piece of equipment to move on and off of the field for the performance. Placement of the equipment will be explained. The Pit students will assist you with positioning the equipment if needed.

At football games, volunteers are free from after the move into the stadium until about 5 minutes before half-time, at which time we will assemble by the pit equipment, podiums, props, etc. After the half-time performance, the equipment gets moved back to the trailers where the Pit students will load the trailer. Volunteers are free to go after the move to the trailer.

At marching competitions, Pit Crew volunteers will move equipment to the warm-up area and performance venue. Contests that have a preliminary and finals format will need to have the Pit Crew available for both performances. The trailer is usually loaded by the Pit students.



Most communication prior to the performance will happen by e-mail. On performance day, cell phone calls and texts are best. Because it is usually very loud at games and competitions, texting is the preferred method of communication. If you are going to be late or cannot make a performance, please contact the Pit Crew leader as far in advance as possible. When needed, the Pit Crew leader will send out a group text to the Pit Crew with important information. This usually happens at contests.



Dress for the heat. A band show shirt or Dripping Springs HS colors of maroon and gold are best. A Pit Crew lanyard will be provided to you before each performance. This will usually get you into the football game and some contests. Please return them after the show.


To Volunteer

You can sign up at band registration to be included on the Pit Crew e-mail list, or just send an e-mail to At the beginning of marching season and periodically throughout, an e-mail will be sent out to the e-mail list calling for Pit Crew volunteers for the upcoming performance. You may volunteer by responding to the e-mail for the most current show or any of the future shows, which will often be listed in many of the e-mails. For more information or to volunteer, please contact our VP of Pit Crew.