Once every four years, the Tiger Band and Color Guard take a “Big Trip” for 5-6 days out of state. It is usually scheduled for 2 days before Spring Break until the Monday or Tuesday of Spring Break. The 2013 trip was to Orlando, Florida and included Universal Studios, Disneyworld and the opportunity to visit the Disney Studios and record a cartoon soundtrack as a session musician. The next big trip is scheduled for March 2017 and the destination is yet to be determined.

In the second year between the big trips, the Tiger Band goes on an in-state interim band trip. This is usually over a weekend in April. It is associated with a concert band contest and then usually a trip to a theme park or similar. The 2011 trip went to Dallas, TX with a visit to Six Flags in Arlington. The Directors decided to shake things up in 2014-15, and the “2015” interim trip actually took place from Oct 30 – Nov 2, 2014, when the band headed to Atlanta, Georgia to compete in a BOA Superregionals contest, and check out the sights of the South! The next interim trip is scheduled for 2019, and the destination is yet to be determined.