This year’s registration is Saturday, July 25, 2015.

Band Registration Night is the first major band event of the year and is vital for ensuring you have all the correct supplies, uniform pieces, permission slips, medical forms and contact information and pay any fees necessary for the whole year. In addition, volunteers can sign up for all sorts of opportunities to help support the band program and the students sign up for their rooms at Band Camp. This year we are implementing an online pre-registration system that will allow you to complete many forms ahead of time to speed up registration day, and will also help your band boosters operate much more efficiently with organization and communication. Online Pre-registration should begin on Tuesday, July 7th. You can access the online registration process by clicking on the “My Account” tab in the far right of this website’s top menu bar.

It is mandatory for each student to attend Band Registration Night with a parent (even Seniors!) so that we can ensure we have all the necessary items completed at one time. This is a very efficient way to make sure that we do not have to keep coming back to band students or families and asking them for things throughout the school year.

Band Registration Night is held in the DSHS Band Hall at the end of July and it marks the beginning of the preseason practices for the band. An outline of these important summer dates are given to each band family the previous February so that they can plan summer vacations and avoid potential conflicts. A full calendar of dates for the upcoming year, and other pertinent information and forms, are mailed out in a packet of information from the Band Directors to each family at the beginning of July.

Attendance times for each grade are staggered for Band Registration Night, starting with the Seniors, to streamline the process as much as possible. You will be given a sheet of items to be completed and signed off during the evening before your student can sign up for their room at Band Camp. Remember to bring your checkbook to pay for any fees due or items purchased. You will need to write two different checks, one to “DS Band” and one to “DS Band Boosters” for different items specified at Band Registration Night. Paying by credit card is not always an option the Boosters have offered.

Get the Band Registration Packet here. (coming soon)