This year’s camp is August 4 – 7, 2015.

Band Camp is usually held for 4 days in the first week of August. It is a very important time of intensive instruction for the new students to learn their marching techniques, all students to become familiar with, and learn, the music for the marching program and start to put together the music and the drill. In addition, it is a great time and place for the new students to integrate into the band and become a part of the Tiger Band family.

Dripping Springs has been very fortunate to be able to hold a residential (overnight) Band Camp off campus, which really helps to focus the students over the 4 days and form a cohesive unit. Your freshman will have the advantage of starting high school with a ready made group of friends and peers from all grades.

In 2013, we moved Band Camp from Schreiner University in Kerrville to Trinity University in San Antonio. It was immediately clear that this was a great move for us; the campus has been very welcoming of our group, and offers all the accommodation, practice, and recreational facilities that we need – most especially appreciated is the dust-free turf practice field! We take plenty of band parent chaperones (maximum 1:10 ratio of chaperones and directors to students). Students are very busy with practice during the day and there are usually traditional recreational activities in the evenings such as an egg toss, pool activities, etc.

Students do sometimes have difficulty with the degree of physical activity during the day, particularly if they have been inactive all summer. We highly recommend that your student become acclimated to the Texas heat, with plenty of sunscreen and hydration, in the weeks leading up to band camp. A conditioning camp may be helpful for your particular child. The chaperones do ensure that the students are well hydrated during practice, with multiple water breaks, and a nurse is on hand at all times.

On the final night of Band Camp, the Seniors are allowed to stay up all night (with parent chaperones), but they are expected to attend the march to breakfast and the morning practice before we leave for home!

If you are interested in chaperoning at Band Camp, please contact our VP of Chaperones.